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About Wire SMS

Our Bulk SMS API will literally open you the door to the world. Bulk SMS won't hinder your business activities anywhere around the globe.In 2016, Wire SMS, formerly known as SMS Marketer, was established with the goal of developing solutions that would help companies forge successful client relationships. In response, we developed Wire SMS, a platform for customer relationship management that is both practical and efficient. Currently, leading companies in Sri Lanka, as well as over 1000 users, use Wire SMS.

    We are a leading provider of Bulk SMS Services in Sri Lanka, with the best Bulk SMS tool accessible for Web and API-based for all programming languages. We cover all of Sri Lanka's major operators to provide you with a reliable and high-quality Bulk SMS service, allowing you to grow your business tenfold on a single platform.

    The mobile phone has evolved into the most widely used communication device, with the most screen time of any device. At Bulk SMS Premium, we provide enterprise solutions that are ideal for transforming the way businesses do business by accelerating our clients' information and communication flow in the development of advertisements.

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