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WireTree offers a highly cost-effective one-stop solution for fixing any laptop-related issues. A staff at WireTree is devoted to provide high-end, first-rate laptop repair and support services to companies around the country. The firm offers both onsite and online repairs. We can fix computer issues remotely over the internet or, in certain situations, on-site by sending one of our skilled experts to your location. 
Our expert technicians can quickly resolve any problems that pop up in your laptop. In addition, we offer replacement services using authentic, high-quality parts. The issues with laptops include installing and removing anti-virus software, hardware upgrades, RAM replacement, battery replacement, memory upgrades, wired and wireless networking, system security testing, motherboard fault repair, LCD/screen replacement, water damage, laptop hinge repair, multi-level chip repair, hard drive error, body fixing, keyboard or touchpad problem, and others.


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#No.1 Laptop Repair Company

Sri Lankan’s #No.1 Laptop Repair

WireTree offers an extremely cost-effective one-stop shop for fixing any laptop-related issues. A staff at WireTree is devoted to provide high-end, first-rate laptop repair and support services to homes and businesses around the Colombo City limits . The company offers both onsite and online repairs.

  • Free Pickup And Delivery

  • High Quality Original/ OEM Parts

  • Local and Onsite Service

Laptop repair Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Laptop repair and maintenance services

  • 90-day warranty on spare parts

  • High-quality laptop repairs performed by experienced service technicians

  • Safe and simple laptop repair service at home

  • With tech help, antivirus, and repair support included in the annual plan.

  • 30-day warranty on service

We provide laptop services around Colombo.

Laptop Repair Services & Annual Plans

Laptop Repair
Your laptop will be inspected, diagnosed, and
repaired by our laptop service engineer.


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    Our engineer will inspect your laptop, identify the problem, and then make suggestions for the best way to proceed.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    The price of spare parts, should they be required, is not included in the laptop repair service.

Laptop Cleaning / Servicing
An engineer from our company will visit to your
location to repair your laptop.


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    Laptop servicing involves cleaning it thoroughly including RAM, connectors and keypad.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Services for performance improvement including defragmenting the disk, clearing the cache, updating the drivers, and testing the booting speed are also offered. They assist in addressing typical laptop problems like slowness

OS Installation
Before upgrading or installing the most recent OS,
Our Professional will first inspect your laptop.


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    Covered operating systems: Windows and Mac.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Software prices that are not covered by the service.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Only supported for Genuine OS installations.

Virus Removal / Software Installation
Our technician will scan your laptop for
viruses, malware, and spyware and remove
or install any right software.


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    Software costs are not covered by the service.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Only authentic software installations are supported.

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    Operation system installation not supported

Laptop AMC - Basic (1 year)
complete care for your laptop, including one year
Of system setup and software support, unlimited
remote technical support, and breakdown coverage


  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Unlimited remote technical assistance for any problems or one year.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Complete breakdown protection with labor and service fees included. Should they be required, spare components will be invoiced separately.

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Complimentary Antivirus

  • wiresms Laptop Repair

    Included: System setup and software support


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How Our Service Center's Repair Process Works?

WireTree provide repair services for laptops, desktop computers, and other digital devices in Sri Lanka.
Find out how the repair process works at our service centers.

01.Pickup Service

You should first provide a few personal informational components before selecting the device you want repaired. You should clearly diagnose the issue with your device. Your repair order will be confirmed through email, and as soon as you confirm, our delivery partner will quickly pick up your device at the place of your choosing.

02.Inspection Of Your Device

Your device will be delivered to us by our delivery partner after it has been picked up. Then, your device will be inspected. You will be informed of the issue with the device and the estimated cost of repair when it has been diagnosed. Our technicians will start work on your device after receiving confirmation of the same from you.

03.Repair Of Your Device

Our technicians are professionals in their field. They will fix the problem with your device. Within a few of days, we will have repaired your device, and following quality assurance, we will start getting ready to dispatch it.

04.Delivery Of Your Device

After the quality check, we will deliver your device to our delivery partner, who will have it at your door in one to two days, depending on where you are. It's completed! In contrast to how it was sent to you, your device will be in a far better situation when it is returned.

Our Services

Get All Kinds Of Laptop Services In SRI LANKA

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Screen Replacement

A broken LCD or a white or black dot on the screen is a symptom that the laptop display is damaged. You can fix and repair your laptop screen with the use of WireTree.

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Battery Replacement

Your laptop is having battery issues. With effective repair work and high-quality materials, WireTree can assist you in replacing your laptop battery.

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RAM Replacement

We always require a good amount of RAM. If your RAM is broken, you should replace it. Receive the best replacement RAM for laptops from WireTree

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SSD Replacement

Your laptop's main storage component is either an SSD or a hard drive. Its inability to be removed is the main cause for worry. You can't take it away. It has already been set up. Data saved on your laptop while you are working is saved to the hard drive of your laptop.

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Keyboard Replacement

Are you having trouble fixing your laptop keyboard because one or more keys sometimes stop functioning? WireTree is here to assist you; we are Sri Lankan's leading one-stop shop for laptop repairs. for individuals who desire to learn keyboard repair techniques.

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Hinge Replacement

Need support with a damaged laptop hinge? Your laptop screen's cracked or shaking hinge may make you consider replacing or fixing the laptop hinge. We are here to assist you since WireTree is the best laptop repair place in Sri Lanka.

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Chip Level Repair

Only a select few people in Sri Lanka fix laptops at the chip level. Specialized hardware and a dustproof space are required for chip level repair. We are fully qualified to provide the best laptop chip level repairs.

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Laptop Data Recovery

We all understand how important video and image files are to us. If you somehow lost your data or crashed your hard drive, WireTree, we are here to assist you recover your valuable data since we understand the worth of this particular moment.

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